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Social Media & March Madness [Infographic]

April 2014     By

No matter what your strategy was this year, chances are your bracket was filled with a lot of red with all of the upsets that took place in the tournament. Most people use tactics such as record, seeding, and strength of schedule to help select their picks. We decided to test if Social Media can […] Read More

Prime Visibility’s Dave Neuman Discusses Social Media and the Super Bowl with CNBC

February 2014     By

David Neuman, Social Media Manager at Prime Visibility, was interviewed live last week on CNBC’s European Closing Bell to discuss Social Media and the Super Bowl. Some of the key findings discussed in the interview include: The Budweiser Puppy Love and T-Mobile Tim Tebow commercials were the most popular in terms of Social Media mentions. […] Read More

Google Authorship: The Benefits of Name Dropping

February 2014     By

What’s in a name?  When it comes to Google authorship, the answer is “a lot.” If your company regularly publishes articles and content written by a specific author, Google authorship is a great way to establish the writer as an expert in your industry – and you may get a bit of a boost in […] Read More

Make Facebook Advertising Your Friend

February 2014     By

With a 1.2 billion+ user base, it can make sense to advertise on Facebook. The social channel’s advertising capabilities have expanded over the years and ads are now less about generating “likes” and more about engaging customers and driving awareness and sales. Plus, advertisers can serve ads based on a “cost per click” structure so […] Read More

Listen and Learn – How Social Media Can Guide Your Content Strategy

February 2014     By

In the real world, eavesdropping is considered impolite.  In the SEO world, it’s a necessity that can help you create content that is relevant to your target audience. Monitoring your market’s social media conversations on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn, blogs, and other social channels can help you learn what your current and prospective customers are […] Read More